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Community Interventions

What we offer:
  • Low level support package — Accommodation and 6 Hours Support
  • Medium level support package — Accommodation and 10 Hours Support
  • High level support package — Accommodation and 15 hours Support
  • Intense level support package — Accommodation and 24 hour per day support
  • Bridge placements/ Unregulated provision packages – for Children with complex needs
  • Emergency placement — Mother and Baby placements

Rodor Housing and Support will deliver and signpost young people to intervention pathway sessions with partner agencies. Some of the intervention pathway programmes we have include:

  • Drama / Acting : as a tool to address offending behaviour
  • Healthy cooking : cookery classes to develop healthy eating and nutrition
  • Sports and Goals : using a variety of sports to build confidence and self-esteem
  • Music : engagement through music to bring positive outcomes
  • Art : creative drawing, writing, dance and other mediums to develop self importance
  • Teamwork : interpersonal skills, team building and how to work with others to achieve positive outcomes
  • Diversity : promoting equality and diversity with multi-cultural society
  • Role models : role models from similar backgrounds who have achieved their goals and aspirations
  • Family : strengthening and maintaining family ties, an opportunity to bring families/carers together with the young person on the order to look at how the family/carer play a part in preventing further re-offending
  • Careers : inspiring individuals to develop long-term career goals by assessing future employment, training and educational options.