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Referral Procedure

The social worker or placements officer telephones “Rodor Housing and Support” for an initial consultation.
  • Rodor Housing and Support send out the referral form to be completed and returned by the social worker
  • Whenever possible a three way meeting will then be arranged between the Social Worker, Rodor Housing and Support key worker or project manager and the young person.
  • Rodor Housing and Support representative explains to the young person what we offer and how we work including a thorough explanation of the rules and regulations on our placement agreement.
  • The young person is asked to sign a young person living agreement which lists our expectations of the young persons conduct whilst placed with Rodor Housing and Support.
  • The placement plan is agreed and signed by all parties.
  • The work will commence on the agreed start date.


What happens next?

On an agreed date the young person and his/her belongings will be collected by a Rodor Housing and Support representative at the agreed time and location and transported to the placement where they will be met by the Key-worker who will spend the next couple of hours getting to know the young person whilst they are out shopping for essential items for the flat 0r accommodation.

The Young Person and his/her key worker will negotiate and agree days and times for keyword and contact sessions to take place. The key worker will carry out an initial independent action assessment covering all areas of the young person’s needs as identified in the Department of Health assessment framework paying particular attention to self care and independent living skills.

The young person and key worker will work towards meeting the placement planned objectives and outcomes identified in the placement plan and the Social Worker will receive weekly and monthly progress reports which the young person will have had an opportunity to read and add his/her comments to before singing.