Children’s Homes

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Solo Homes

Our Solo Homes are specifically developed for young people with more intense and individual needs. These one bed homes offer a staffing ratio of 1 staff to 1 young person, and can also provide a staffing ratio of 2 staff to 1 young person.

Staff receive therapeutic training and are highly resilient. The homes specialise in working with young people who may have had a range of experiences including extremely challenging behaviour, multiple placement breakdowns, problems with social integration, etc.

Complex Needs Homes

Two and three bed Children’s Homes for young people with Complex Needs, which provides a staffing ratio of 1 staff to 1 young person. Our highly resilient staff have all received therapeutic training. These small homes are for young people who are being released from a secure environment, are in crisis, or needing intense supervision.

Small Group Homes

Rodor Housing and Support operates a network of homes across the West Midlands. These homes are usually 4 bed homes that provide high staffing levels of 3 staff to 4 young people and they provide services to young people with high levels of need. Education is available with all these homes and staff are trained to deliver a therapeutic programme to support the young people in their care.

Post – 16 Homes

Our specially designed independent living and Post-16 accommodation welcomes young people who have previously been in our residential care and those who have been placed elsewhere.
Our leaving care service assists young people who may be in their first steps of leaving care. It is also suitable for short term crisis accommodation due to homelessness and family breakdowns. Trained staff are available 24 hours per day either in person or via outreach to support the young people to complete specific targets in order to assess their level of independence needs. During their stay young people will learn about budgeting, shopping, cooking, washing, training or further education, getting a job, making and keeping appointments, paying bills, form filling, accessing services, talking to professionals and most importantly managing a home. Staff can also assist and facilitate family group conferences for young people where this relationship may have broken down.

Child Sexual Exploitation Homes

Rodor Housing and Support Child Sexual Exploitation Homes are a direct response to the increased awareness of the extent of CSE in our communities. These four bed homes offer a staffing ratio of 1 staff to 1 young person. The CSE Homes provide a CSE therapeutic programme where clinical support and therapy are embedded within personalised care and education pathways. The therapeutic teams in our CSE Homes receive regular training, supervision and consultation by experienced and qualified clinicians.